London based designer Darren Sherwood studied at the world leading centre for art and design education, Central St Martins College of Art and Design in the capital. He then continued further education in the form of a BA in Jewellery/ Goldsmithing/ Silversmithing, graduating from the Kent Institute of Art and Design (K.I.A.D).


Having been trained by some of the best jewellers in the industry, Darren has been fortunate enough to work with all types of precious metals and stones ranging from antiques to the finest of delicate pieces.


Proficient in using multiple 3D packages such as Rhino, Gemvisions Matrix and ZBrush. His knowledge of diamond mounting has given Darren the edge that other jewellers simply do not have. He has the ability to design and accurately transfer the clients vision from paper to a 3D CAD image, wax and finally into a piece made of precious metals. Alternaively he can take the conventional route of completing his pieces using hand-made methodology.

To add to his skillset, Darren has completed the first part of a Micro Stone Setting course with the talented Jura, based in Holland. Here he has learned the strategic thinking process and the engineering mentality he uses from his designing, to mounting, then finally to setting. Something he has since transferred to his own pieces with precision, speed and time efficiency.


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Email:   Tel: +44 7957 476 714

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